SIXTEEN volunteers have visited the African country of Ghana, as part of an annual trip to represent the work that Burton Albion Community Trust (BACT) delivers in it’s own local community.

The volunteers visited Woe, a deprived rural area on the Southern coast of Ghana for 11 days. Whilst out there, they would teach local school children, as well as renovating in a rural primary school in partnership with African Adventures.

This is the sixth year that BACT have now travelled to Africa and have continued to grow the relationship with representatives from the countries. 16 suitcases of clothing, shoes, sanitary products, books and toys were all taken to Ghana, as part of providing supplies and strengthening the relationship.

This years volunteers got to see the new library that was built in the previous year by BACT volunteers, as well as the school staff and children who crowded round the group as soon as they departed the mini bus on arrival.

The volunteers were introduced to the school staff before being split into two groups, with one going off to teach in classroom and the other making building blocks. Lee Milligan, Events and Partnerships Officer, who coordinated the trip, said: Mixing sand and cement in 40 degree heat was a real test for some and very energy sapping. Those that were teaching came up with some really innovative ways of engaging pupils and getting them involved, this was needed as not all children can speak English as a second language.

“After the first four days, the school finished for the Easter weekend and our group had completed over 20 lessons and made 300 building blocks. Considering everyone was out of their usual comfort zone and combining this with the heat, they continued to do their best for the children.

“We visited a few very rural communities with little or no access to clean water which was a real shock to see. The volunteers used this opportunity to distribute a lot of the various donations taken in the suitcases, as these villages are off the beaten track and rarely visited. The look on the villagers faces as we were walking around with our donations bought a tear to the eye and they were so grateful that we had come to see them. Seeing where they get their water from and realising it’s the only source of water for cooking and cleaning, let alone drinking, was a shock to see for all of the group.”

As part of a built-up partnership and commitment to a local womens football team (who are the regional champions), staff participated in an arranged football tournament in which trophies, footballs and playing kit were provided by BACT. The trip then ended with some much needed relaxation time on the beach, before returning back to the UK.

A huge thank you goes to all of the volunteers and sponsors for this years trip. This support is invaluable, not only to the communities we impact In Ghana but also to the work we deliver within Burton and the surrounding areas.

If you would like to take part or would like to find out more information about next years trip to Ghana during Easter 2020, click here  or contact Lee Milligan on for more details.