BURTON Albion Community Trust (BACT) has assembled well-being care packages, with the help of donations from ‘Friend of the Community’ Pladis, which have been delivered to participants that the trust has identified as the most in need.

Andrew Brooks, Supply Chain Analyst/Support Manager at Pladis, was the first to reach out to BACT following a call for support to local partners, supplying 96 boxes of biscuits that were added into the well-being care packages.

BACT Head of Community Matt Hancock said: “The well-being packs contain some biscuits and chocolate but also contacts for BACT staff and for MIND as well as a health and well-being plan. They are aimed at our most vulnerable participants on key programmes such as Cancer Recovery, Disability and Extra-Time Hub. These people could well be on their own and feeling isolated and hopefully we can provide some support.

“Our staff are also ready to help and support with essential services in the community, whether that’s picking up prescriptions, maintaining essential services or food delivery.

“This is all about supporting key workers and their children and maintaining essential services.

“It’s not about us being seen to do a good thing as we know the best approach at present is for everyone to stay at home and only do things which are essential. What this is about is trying to help saves lives by supporting those people on the frontline.

“The health and well-being of our staff is also of paramount importance and it’s all on constant review as it’s an ever-changing picture where we will be 100 per cent led by government guidelines.

“What matters is that where we are needed, we will be ready.”

Following the deliveries, a number of social media posts have been sent to BACT, thanking the staff for the gestures. One from Irene Bettison, said: “Well done and thankfully received, you are an amazing team. Thank you doesn’t seem enough. Keep up the good work. See you soon. Xx”

Another message, said: “Thank you so much for visiting my mum Pam. That was really lovely and she was quite overwhelmed. Thank you x”