NCS is a life-changing programme open to all teenagers aged 15-17 to discover who they are and what they can do.

NCS provides the buzz of being an adult without the responsibility of being an adult. Over four weeks they’ll meet new people, stay away from home, take on adventures and challenges and get their entrepreneurial hats on to do some good.

In your first week, you’ll live away from home and nurture your adventurous side. Whether you take on the high ropes, wild waves, or scales a wall, one thing we can guarantee is, by Friday night you’ll feel fearless (and pretty worn out!) Don’t worry, you’ll have the weekend back home to catch your breath.

Next up? Enjoy another five days away from home with your new-found mates. Get a crash course in adulting and pick up skills to set you up for life. By the time you’re done, you’ll be speaking to a room full of people without freezing up and know a whole load more about what you want form life after school.

Fuelled by you first two weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to use your voice and have lasting impact. Want to see a change in your community? Countrywide? Or even globally? This is your chance to deliver an impressive ‘passion project’ – we can’t wait to see what you and your teammates achieve!

Ok, so this is VIPOYE (Very Important Part Of Your Experience), naturally. By this point, you’ll have achieved A LOT. Now it’s time to be recognised. You’ve got to go out with a bang, right?

Love every second of NCS and don’t want it to end? There is loads more you can do as an ‘NCS grad’.

How to sign-up?

You’re just a few clicks away from reserving your place on NCS!


Facebook: NCS with Burton Albion Community Trust


Phone: 01283 246207

It’s your chance to explore, be inspired and find your passion. Over 500,000 young people have already taken part – will you be next?


NCS is a four-phase programme specifically designed to provide you with all sorts of new experiences. Whether you’re a daredevil or creative genius, talkative or more reserved, you’ll be surprised by how much you’re actually capable of, coming away with a host of new skills and bags of confidence. 

If you want to boost your UCAS statement or CV, meet incredible people, get your voice heard and have a lot of fun while you’re at it, then NCS is for you. 

To find out more or get involved please get in touch with one of our NCS team on 01283 246207 or