With your help we can be there for every member of our community. With over 21,000 hours of community engagement a year. This is set to increase as we come out of the coronavirus pandemic, meaning having your support is more crucial than ever.

Being able to raise £300 will allow us to run health and wellbeing projects for 2 weeks. Within this scope of work £150 will allow the most vulnerable to feel a little less isolated and have ongoing support for a month.

You will be helping support people like Mark:

Mark’s life was severely affected during COVID-19. He was unable to leave his house, leaving him feeling very socially isolated. Mark was struggling to get his own food and used the last of his phone credit to call Staffordshire County Council for a food parcel. BACT contacted Mark to see how we could support him through this time.

Discovering that he did not have any credit, we contacted O2 on his behalf who very kindly put an extra £5 onto his mobile. This allowed him to be able to contact his landlord who agreed to help him with his weekly shopping. Mark only had cash and a cash point card meaning he could not do any form of online/ telephone shopping so his landlord would collect cash and go do his shopping. Following this it became apparent that Mark was feeling very low due to being the only person in the house with just his cat for company. Burton Albion Community Trust arranged a weekly befriending call to help alleviate the isolation.

Mark has since said: “I still get glum days but has noticed a difference in the way I now feel in comparison to the start of lockdown. It’s my highlight of the week talking to Shaun (volunteer, former Burton Albion player and current Academy coach) and I really look forward to it. I would highly recommend calling BACT for support if you find yourself in the same position.”

Mark is very much looking forward to getting back to normality and being able to see his beloved Burton Albion play.

This is just one of many stories and has only been possible with the support of donations. Whether you are able to commit to regular donations or just a one-off contribution, all your support helps to make a difference in the local community.