If you like a challenge, we dare you to join us and help raise money to help Inspire, Engage and Educate your local community.

Our goal at Burton Albion Community Trust (BACT) is to Inspire, Engage and Educate as many people as possible across East Staffordshire and improve the quality of life for those who need it most.

To achieve this, we rely heavily on the time and generosity of local people/businesses and fundraising is a vital component of this. In the past both individuals and businesses have wanted to engage with us as a charity but are often unsure how to do so. Our upcoming fundraisers are a great opportunity for people to get involved but also to have a fantastic experience at the same time.

We are currently planning and prepping our future events if you have any ideas or would like to host a fundraiser, please get in touch with us: chris.mason@burtonalbionct.org