Burton Albion Community Trust (BACT) is the charitable arm of Burton Albion Football Club.

The strategic aims of BACT are to: deliver high quality; create a positive journey; measure and evidence impact, and govern and lead effectively, helping to achieve the mission of ‘Making a difference to our communities through the power of sport and brand of Burton Albion FC.’  

Since its inception in September 2010, engagement numbers have grown together with investment in the local community. On average, BACT engages with more than 7,000 people per week with ages ranging from four years to 80-plus.

At BACT, we try to maximise all aspects of the participant’s journey, to allow programmes to continue to grow organically and make a greater impact on the local, regional and national agenda.


Healthier, Happier & Stronger Communities ​ 

We been through an unprecedented period over the last few months since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic and this has ensured that we have carried out a full review of our strategic direction and plan. Our inaugural 2017-2020 Inspiring Our Communities strategy included extensive consultation both internally and externally whilst taking into consideration local, regional and national policies across all of our scopes of work. We are now at the end of the successful delivery of the 3 year ‘Inspiring our Communities’ Strategy 2017-20 and excited about our new and exciting direction.  

Prior to Covid-19 we had already carried out a lot of consultations, reviews and discussions with staff, Trustees and key stakeholders about what the long-term strategy of BACT would look like. Unfortunately, due to the situation we found ourselves in March 2020, we had to review this and have used this time to re-evaluate the strategic direction for the short term.  

We want to be seen as an organisation that can positively respond to any community need and be slightly more reactive in our approach in the next 12 months. We were due to launch a new 3-year strategy in September 2020, however, it just doesn’t seem right to launch a 3 year strategy with so little certainty at this current time.  

Therefore, we have planned, developed and launch in September 2020 our ‘Healthier, Happier and Stronger Communities’ 12-month delivery plan 2020-21.  

This will be:  

  • Our response to our community in this unprecedented period 
  • Focussed on getting our communities back on their feet following Covid-19 
  • About placing ourselves at the heart of the rebuild for our communities  
  • Using this as an opportunity to react positively and show our communities that we are there for them 
  • EFLT / PLCF programmes will of course be at the heart of this and we believe both EFLT and PLCF programmes will experience a greater local demand over the coming months

Running through all the above is an insistence that we focus on insight and impact to demonstrate we are the delivering real change to our community 

Over the course of this 12 months we will then spend some further time looking at developing our longer term strategy. From all of the internal and external consultation we have already got a draft skeleton we are working towards which you will find on subsequent page.  

We hope to really make a difference to communities across East Staffordshire and the surrounding areas over the next 12 months. It is absolutely imperative we continue to develop, work with and be a trusted partner of all of ‘Friends of the Community’ to achieve this.  

Matt Hancock, Head of Community